Washing Instructions - Partywear

Machine Wash: This symbol indicates it is safe to wash the garment in a machine using the temperature and cycle indicated by other symbols.

Hand Wash: The hand wash laundry symbol means you should not wash the garment in a machine and instead wash it by hand. Typically, this symbol applies to delicate garments made from fabrics like silk or linen. It may be safe to machine wash on a “hand wash” cycle setting if your machine has one, but care should be taken to protect the garment. You can also try putting the garment in a mesh bag or washing it alone to further protect it. If your garment is precious, vintage, or otherwise irreplaceable, take it to a professional cleaner.

Do Not Wash: Garments or fabrics with this laundry symbol should not be washed in a machine or tub but should be taken to a professional dry cleaner when they become dirty.

Dry Clean Only: Dry clean only garments must be taken to a dry cleaner for removal of dirt or other stains.

Do Not Dry Clean: Clothing with the do not dry clean symbol should be washed using the gentlest setting on your washer. This will minimize agitation and potential damage to the fabric. You can also place inside a mesh bag or turn the garment inside out, running it on a short, delicate cycle to clean.