Essential Autumn Outfits & Fashion Trends 2022 | Pamela Scott

Read our blog to learn about the latest fashion trends for Autumn 2022 at Pamela Scott & what essential outfits you need for the fall season.

You are now assembling your autumn capsule wardrobe as the current season approaches. Where do you discover the essential pieces, you'll need to build a magnificent collection?

Here, of course! You know you can depend on us to deliver the best capsule wardrobe Autumn has to offer.

From Gilets To Soft Knits, we've got everything you'll want to add to your cart for Autumn.

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials from Pamela Scott

The Gilet

Do you notice the days getting chillier? Autumn is officially here, so grab the gilet jacket, before breaking out your puffer coat or stocking up on quilted jackets. These adaptable gilets are actively one of autumn's staple pieces due to the fact they are perfect for layering over fairisle sweaters, cashmere knits, striped jumpers, or polo necks. Our JDY Gilets, are perfect for that more stylish look.

Soft Knitwear  

Knitwear season is very much upon us with the temperature taking a rapid drop and things starting to feel a whole lot chillier! Soft knit jumpers are becoming more and more popular, and we believe they make the ideal autumnal attire. Due to its ease of use, it is the ideal beginner project. Why not begin your soft knit journey this Autumn? These jumpers are light and breathable.

The Zapara Jogger

If you’re going to wear sweatpants, hoodies, and tees every day, you may as well buy joggers for women with a soft fabric that make you feel great, right? Well, our Zapara joggers are the solution. Dress them up with a polo neck and leather jacket or dress them down with a t shirt or jumper for those chilly days spent at home.

The Blazer

Whether it’s a night on the town, or a nip to the shop for your groceries, a blazer is the perfect way to take an outfit from shabby to chic. Throw it over some joggers or pair a double-breasted number with some thigh high boots for an effortlessly elegant ensemble.

Style your blazer with white or dark pants, and you have a business casual look for the office. If you want to go a little more formal, try a blouse with it. A shirt, on the other hand, will underline the casual look.

 The Chelsea Boot 

Now that winter is in full swing, if you haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to upgrade your boot collection. They'll not only become your go-to footwear far into 2023, but they'll also make all your attire look more seasonally suitable. One of the most traditional styles of boots is the Chelsea boot, a requirement for your wardrobe. The elastic on the sides makes them so easy to slide on.  We recommend pairing them with a dress and tights or a trouser.  Simple yet sophisticated, the Chelsea boot is incredibly versatile and will take you anywhere.