You have probably been hearing buzz words like ‘capsule wardrobe’, ‘wardrobe staples’ and ‘closet essentials’ for a while now. You have also probably wondered how to use that information to your advantage or you have given up altogether on all the advice you get about what to have and what not to have in your wardrobe.  

We know the feeling. It’s not easy to choose clothes that not only will fit you in terms of style and colour but will also give your confidence a boost.

Therefore, to make things easy, we are giving you the essential things to have in your wardrobe and by mixing and matching them you can have an outfit for any occasion. We are usually all about colour and prints, but we will be a bit moderate as these items will be the basics in your wardrobe that you can build on. We got you.

Begin with the Basics

White Tee – it never ever goes out of fashion because it is easy to match with almost anything for a casual chic style. Wear with jeans and sneakers for everyday comfort, or pair with a skirt and wedges to get your outfit to the next level.

Jeans – you decide on the colour and style, depending on what suits you best. Dark wash is usually seen as the colour to go for, as it can be paired with almost anything and is flattering on all shapes.

Denim Jacket – so trendy, so spot on. And you can pair it with anything: with a dress, your linen shirt and, of course, the white tee.

Linen or Cotton button-down shirt – wear it buttoned up with your jeans or unbuttoned as a top layer with a cami under it.  

Casual Everyday Dress or Skirt – go for a softer colour or print, as you will want to be able to mix and match the dress or skirt with your other staple items. If you are into your bold prints and colours then by all means – go for them, but as a part of your basic wardrobe you need at least one understated dress or skirt. 

 Pamela Scott Democracy Jeans     Denim Jacket     Linen Shirt     Pamela Scott Dress

Dress It Up

Blazer - It’s easy to dress up or down and it will add sophistication and a bit of a twist to any outfit.

Trousers – a pair of stylish trousers that will go beautifully with a blouse for a busy day at work, or with the white tee and heels for an after work do.

Solid blouse - Whether it’s a figure-flattering wrap or a down-to-business button-down, you need a solid blouse in your wardrobe mix.

More formal dress – be conservative or a bit daring. Some would advise you to go with ‘the little black dress’ as it will be perfect for almost any occasion when styled right, but you can be a bit adventurous and go for subtle print or more colour. 

 Pamela Scott Blazer      Pamela Scott Trousers      Pamela Scott Shirt      Pamela Scott Linen Dress

Add the Finishing Touches

And so we come to the shoes. Have these three styles and you are good to go – heels, white sneakers and a pair of flats. At least one of them will go with every item we have mentioned. All you have to do now is start mixing and matching. 

Pamela Scott Heels Shoes            Pamela Scott Flats Shoes          


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