Let’s be honest – we all have denim in our wardrobes. At least one piece. Or two. Or a dozen. If you are anything like us, you probably live in your denim. But how many of us know how to style their denim outfit?

With each fashion trend jeans get reinvented. Flared, skinny, straight, low-waisted, slimming – there is a style and fit for everyone. Here are some styling ideas for the most popular fits.



When it comes to styling skinny women's jeans, the unwritten rule is to keep the rest of the pieces you are wearing loose-fitting and oversize. This will give you a balanced look.

Pair with…

You can’t go wrong if you decide to pair your tight jeans with an oversized jumper, blouse or blazers. You can also try layering for an eye-catching modern look.

Try wearing your jeans with an oversized tee (tucked in the jeans) and a blazer, with the classic button-down shirt or with a cardigan.

And the shoes…

The skinny jeans are like a blank canvas when it comes to shoes: you can wear them with sandals, with your favourite sneakers, with loafers, with ankle boots – basically anything that suits the season.  

 Skinny Jeans at Pamela Scott



Pair with…

Straight jeans and blazers are a match made in heaven. Adding a blazer to your straight-leg jeans outfit can easily take you from the office to the after work hours. Add a pair of high heels and you are ready for the office, or put on white sneakers to meet your friends at your favourite restaurant.

Straight jeans also go really well with a loose-fitting blouse or a t-shirt. Just tuck the front of the blouse in to create an effortlessly elegant look.

Length matters

Ideally, straight-leg jeans should not go lower than your ankles. If they go lower than that they bunch up and ruin the silhouette.

That said, this style of denim goes well with sneakers (especially white ones) for a casual look and with heels for an edgy look. 

Straight Jeans at Pamela Scott


When talking about bootcut jeans, our advice is to keep it casual.

Pair with…

Wear them with a cardigan, a V-neck tee or a blazer. If you are after a more chic look – put some heels on, just make sure the jeans are 1-2 inches longer than your usual size so that the bottom of the jeans hits your shoes.

 You can go for a more romantic look if you pair your bootcut jeans with a flowy blouse or pair it with a shirt and a blazer for a more business look.

 And the shoes…

If you want to lengthen the look of your legs, definitely pair the bootcut jeans with pointy heels. Again, don’t forget to have the jeans a bit longer if you are wearing heels.   

If your bootcut jeans are cropped – pair them with sandals, sneakers or smart flats. Yep, casual elegance.

Bootcut Jeans at Pamela Scott



In a nutshell – mom jeans are high-waisted denim with a relaxed fit: wider at the hips and tightening towards the cuff. In the last few years mom jeans have made a comeback, after being snubbed for having a non-flattering silhouette.

Pair with…

An oversized white shirt or tee –that combination with mom jeans will make you look effortlessly cool. The shirt/tee would preferably be tucked in (fully or just the front) so you wouldn’t create an illusion of bulkiness around your waist.  

With a cardigan – a short one that will show off your midriff or a long one that will elongate your silhouette.

And the shoes…

Mom jeans are made to wear with flats, sandals, sneakers. However, do your own thing and wear them with heels for a refined look. Or roll up the cuffs and wear them with a pair of ankle boots. Job done!






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