We are all consumers, and as such we are becoming more and more conscious of how our fashion choices are impacting the environment. The result is the growing demand for sustainable fashion.

What can we as consumers do to reduce the impact the industry has on the environment?

More and more designers are focusing on sustainability by experimenting with materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled fabrics, as they are less harmful to the environment to produce. So, when looking for your next find have a look at the brand’s policy on sustainability.

Many of our own brands are much more sustainability-focused compared to only a few years ago – recyclable packaging, GOTS cotton, vegan materials, natural fabrics – we are learning to be more mindful when it comes to fashion and looking after the environment. 

Skechers at Pamela Scott      Skechers at Pamela Scott


Circular fashion is a relatively new concept. It was created as an opposition to the linear approach fashion has been following. That means instead of the process following a straight line from design to disposal (with lots of waste, pollution and excess product), it focuses on reuse and recycling as much as possible.

Circular fashion is all about using a more considerate model of production – one which sees the production and end-of-life of the product as equally important. 

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We always point out that we at Pamela Scott work hard to make more responsible choices when designing and sourcing our collections. Our aim is to become completely transparent with our supply chain, use more sustainable fabrics and completely cut out single-use plastics.

We are also focusing on offering more natural fabrics in our collections - like 100% cotton and 100% linen. Furthermore, we have started including environmental labelling on some of our own brands - the Triman and Info-tri signs - intended for all textiles, household linen and shoes to prepare the end of life of products.

To our amazing clients we offer quality clothes dispatched in recyclable packaging and we are always striving to make our business greener.


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