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ICA Masterclass

Sooooo... I CAN’T believe the reaction to my very first newsletter. Surprised is an understatement - I just want to thank you all so much for reading.

I briefly mentioned in my that first newsletter that I had presented a masterclass, and many of you ladies where curious to find out just what it was all about- so that’s how I decided on my topic for this second instalment! I’m nearly a pro at this now!

It all happened around Christmas when, just by luck, a lovely lady, Helen, filled out my online booking form. To my surprise she asked would I be interested in hosting a class for 50+ ladies from the ICA group based in Castleknock.


Me? Really? The girl who gets so nervous talking aloud that she nearly breaks down and cries? Ok maybe that’s an over exaggeration but it’s safe to say I’m not the most confident public speaker. It’s funny because you would think after numerous years of being the narrator at the local church nativity play and being on stage Irish dancing since I was five years old that I would sail through it, but no.

Terrified is expressing it lightly.

But, of course the excitement of hosting my very own class made me spontaneously agree. Then immediately all I could think was’ WHAT HAVE I DONE?!’ However, the more I had the chance to think about it, the happier I was that I said yes. I knew this is exactly what I needed to do to build my confidence.


I instantly felt at ease when I had two lovely ladies from the ICA come into experience that special V.I.P experience that I provide. We chose six Occasion Outfits, each one suiting each individual body shape. Why? Because they agreed to model on the night and, well, what crack we had! Naomi Campbell eat your heart out!

So with my models, drawings of ladies on boards, bananas, oranges, apples, pears, butternut squash, and a rail of clothes, I was happy to say that my class was prepared! I was ready (ish). There was no turning back.



Well, was I proud, it couldn’t have gone any better! I couldn’t get over the reaction from these ladies. They queued up to book in for an appointment in the Style Suite. My favourite aspect of my job and the main reason why I love it so much, is the opportunity to meet these wonderful women.

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