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I will own every single piece someday.

Contemporary and clean cut, our new brand has arrived in Grafton Street.

So ladies, my very first newsletter!

I am well aware that my passion for style comes across in conversation, but when it comes to putting a pen to paper…EKKK. 

Again, I had the same feeling earlier this month when I hosted a one-hour masterclass for over fifty ladies from the ICA, and guess what? It was good! Well, actually, I think I am being a bit modest there. 

It was AMAZING! 

After I got over the initial nerves it felt like something I’ve been doing for ages. So I am hoping that writing will feel the same way!  

Anyway, enough about me, because I can’t wait to fill you in on the gorgeous new brand that has arrived in our Grafton Street store.  If you shop with us regularly you will be familiar with our brand OPUS. So when the staff heard at our daily morning meeting that the sister brand was going to be to be featured on the first floor, well, the suspense kicked in. If it was anything like OPUS we knew it would be all about feminine casual fashion with a love for detail. 

I was shopping the floor for one of my ladies when, well, my eyes almost popped out of my head! There ahead of me was a premium collection, abundant with sophisticated pieces made of soft, durable material, clear silhouettes and a timeless selection of basics. I have learned over these past months as Pamela Scott’s Personal Shopper that women want to develop a wardrobe full of their favourite pieces that they can mix and match for whatever the occasion. 

someday. is the brand that allows them to do just that, as each piece harmoniously combines for a wide variety of looks. 

Dare I mention another store? Oh well I am going to! I would call someday. a less expensive version of COS, and of course MUCH nicer! 

So if you feel like jumping through your computer screen and buying all these looks, don’t fret! The collection is exclusive to Pamela Scott on Grafton Street. Better still,  if you think you feel you need some help putting these looks together, why not visit me in the Style Suite for a one-to-one personal shopping appointment. 

Go to The Style Suite or give a call me on 0870948837 to book an appointment.

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