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Techlink Recharge - Don't Leave Home Without It

There are few things as frustrating as needing to use your mobile phone and finding it has run out of charge.

Granted, we all complain that everyone spends far too long glued to their little glowing screens these days, instead of looking up and talking to each other, but nonetheless it’s vital to keep connected, so you don’t miss a piece of important information involving your work, or even just a last-minute change of plans when you are meeting up with the girls! Even more importantly, you need to know that you can get hold of the emergency services or your loved ones in an emergency, especially when travelling.

A simple and effective solution that ensures you are never in a situation where you have no power on your phone, is the Techlink Recharge 2600 USB Charger. Essentially a back-up power supply, you simply plug in your USB cable and charge your phone on the go. In pink, black, blue and white, the slim-line, lightweight units are conveniently designed to be carried in your handbag or coat pocket, giving you peace of mind that you can always stay connected!

For more details, check the out our range of Techlink REcharge 2600s here.

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