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Tips to Choose that Special Outfit!

Julie from has shared her Top Tips on How to Choose an Outfit for that Special Occasion

The Summer has well and truly taken off and with it, the marathon series of weddings, parties, races and every other summer flurry that means high heels must be donned and summer style has to go up many many notches at a moments notice! With personal shopping trips and training personal stylists also in full swing for me, I was delighted to be asked by Pamela Scott to share some of my top styling tips, which will hopefully inspire your shopping trip in the quest to find the perfect outfit!

Fabric is Key.

When choosing a dress, I always always feel the fabric first and foremost. 9 out of 10 women (those of us with lovely curves) should look for supportive fabrics with a nice softness and a little give in them. You want your outfit to work with you and for you not against you! The right fabrics should always make you feel comfortable and at home in an outfit! 

Identify What you Want To Show Off & What You Want To Camouflage.

Once you know what is the most important to you in the clothes you buy, this will really help in dealing with all the choice you have before you! If you know you are conscious of your tummy for example, looking for something nice and structured and streamlined will help with you shape. If you are broad shouldered stay away from anything with a halter neck or anything with too much fuss on the sleeve. Big busted? Opt for a V neck over a high neck. Know your lines and shop accordingly!

Embrace Fun Prints

There are so many beautful printed options in Pamela Scott at the moment from the gorgeous florals to the more abstract and detailed prints. Print is such a great option for a special occasion and this season more is more when it comes to print! Don’t be afraid to team your printed dress with a bright pop of colour in your handbag and accessories or if you like more of a classic style, look at introducing some current and on trend elements in your accessories

Introduce More Colour

Summer is all about colour! Ask yourself ‘do I have a minimium of 2 colours in my look?’ for maximium impact. Go for opposites rather than trying to match everything. For example, some great combinations for me this season include turquoise with fuscia pink, coral and turquoise, emerald green and purple, orange and pink and blue and orange!

Be Careful with Your Lengths

It is a question I get asked so much. What is the correct length of skirt/ dress to go for? The answer is simple; the longer you go below your knee the more it can swamp you! The best length is just on or just below the kneecap (as close as makes you comfortable). Otherwise always team a longer dress with some lovely heels to give you back your height!

Try Something New!

Shopping should be fun and a creative process! It can be so easy to get stuck in the rut of always going towards the same colours and styles. This season bring one item into the fitting room that scares you. You might be pleasantly surprised!


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